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The Phinney heritage Pro Cycling Colorado


Davis Phinney Coors Classic winner ©Diane Huntress

Davis Phinney celebrating his overall victory in the 1988 Coors Classic.

In 1986, he became the first American to win a stage at the Tour de France, while riding on the American-based team 7-Eleven Cycling Team.








Davis was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40, and established the Davis Phinney Foundation in 2004, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Boulder, Colorado-based foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease – today and in future.

us pro cycling winner leipheimer

Champion, Levy Leipheimer, wears the Quiznos leader, yellow jersey during final laps of the 6th stage of the US Pro Cycling Challange in Denver, Colorado.   Levy stays focused on the tight turn from Denver’s historic Colfax Avenue onto Speer Boulevard.  Here Leipheimer is positioned between Liquigas-Cannondale riders, Cimolai and Oss.  Large, delighted crowds in Denver cheered all riders to the finish.


Levi Leipheimer turns to US Pro Cycling victory ©Diane Huntress

olympic gold medalist bike racing colorado

Winter Olympic Gold Medalist in speed skating, Eric Heiden, showing his championship style on Kodachrome.  The excellent 7-11 Cycling team forecast the talent of American bike racing.   While on assignment for Descente, I had the pleasure of working with now Dr. Heiden. Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Heiden racing on 7-11 Team

Pro Bike Racer Eric Heiden ©Diane Huntress




Hinault racing Vail Colorado

Bernard Hinault, famous champion of the sport,  is part of the heritage of road racing in Colorado.  Coors and Celestial Seasons Red Zinger were event sponsors.

Focus and intensity.


Diane Huntress photo of great bike racer Hinault

©Diane Huntress


women vintage classic bike racing in colorado

World-class bike racing is winding it’s way through our Colorado landscape this week.  It’s a colorful, tactical and exciting sport with challenges for even an action specialist like me.

Here’s one of four favorites which I’ll show this week.  This photo ran as a spread in United AL’s in flight  magazine.  I love capturing the motion of the sport, a suggestion of the crowd  along with sponsors identity that panning can achieve.

world class bike racing women panning action

Diane Huntress portrait summer

There’s nothing like a telephoto lens capturing light jumping around on water to create circles of confusion then add a couple swimmers to silhouette making a graphic image of Summer.

silhouetted swimmers in sparkling water

Adam Lerner concept



Adam Lerner


Chief Animator, Department of Fabrications

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

vintage light artist

As a photographer who spent lots on Polaroid, it’s a real kick to create roid -like images with my iphone.

Vintage + cool light artist, Dorothy Tanner, talks about her process withBJ Dyer of Bouquets at the Museum of Outdoor Arts show, “Light Supply”.

Diane Huntress portrait photographer iphone polaroid