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Classic Model

This artist is a model for any generation.  Welcome to the front porch of Ivan Mestrovic’s house near Split, Croatia.  He built this classical structure on a gorgeous lot overlooking the Adriatic and figured out how to live there and make it a gallery space as well.  This important artist was born in Croatia and donated this gallery and work to the people of Croatia.  Then this internationally renown artist moved to South Bend, Indiana where he died in 1962.


Classical columns and figure in light and shadow

Photograph with man and columns in light and shadow.

Walk Dubrovnik Wall

An old stone step just in the right place.  This wall is old and the view to the Adriatic from here on a sunny day is worth getting the extra height.  Construction and strengthening took place from the 12th-17th centuries.

The figure breaks up the composition, line and texture of the wall and the triangle shadow.

Style:  digital tintype.


Man on Dubrovnik wall in tintype

Looking toward Adriatic on Dubrovnik Wall


Film a wonder of the world

I was inspired by Robert Burley’s book, “Disappearance of Darkness”, featured in the NY Times excellent blog, “NYT Lens” to post this photo I captured in December 2012 in Pisa, Italy.

It is an inspiring spot if you like to see people from every place on the planet trying to photograph themselves with the Leaning Tower.  Fun. Energy. Creativity.

I’m on the road in Dubrovnik.  Yesterday I needed lens cleaner and found a small Foto shop.  He didn’t have exactly that, but he did have familiar boxes of Kodak Film.

Kodak Film at Leaning Tower of Pisa shop

Souvenir shop selling everything Leaning Tower of Pisa and Kodak Film. Pisa, Italy

On location with iphone

Man with umbrella and palm trees after rain.

Split, Croatia ©Diane Huntress 2013 All Rights Reserved

Landscape:  Riva, Split, Croatia.  There’s nothing like a little Adriatic downpour on creamy polished pavement to create a cool, blue composition.  Light. Stone. Sea.

More to follow~