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Alert! Bunnies unite.

Cute Easter candy bunnies - sinister?

Alert! Bunnies Unite. by Diane Huntress

  • After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy consuming holiday.


  • About 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies and 16 billion jelly beans are produced for Easter each year.  The favorite jelly bean?  Red.


  • Rabbits are the ancient symbol of fertility and new life.


  • Rabbits aren’t doing all the work!  In Switzerland the cuckoo delivers the Easter eggs and in Germany kids wait for a fox, chick, rooster or stork.


Marble Woman

marble relief sculpture of woman in amazing pose

Mistrovic marble relief sculpture of woman in an amazing pose.




Beach Bar Budva

3 foot waves on the beach at Budva, Montenegro

3 to 4 foot waves hit the centuries old walls of Budva, Montenegro, on the Adriatic.

Beautiful cappuccino served up on the beach at Budva, Montenegro before heading on to Sv. Stefan for a photo.



Old Stones and Modern Life in Dubrovnik

color dusk photo inside Dubrovnik, Croatia walls

Dusk Tintype style photo inside Dubrovnik walls

Dubrovnik is about steps, walking and old stones from limestone.  The light colored stones add to the luminous quality of the magic hour.