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Golden Seed photo mural #5

artist, photo, mural, historic

Photographer Diane Huntress and new commission, “Golden Seed”.

The client presented me with criteria he hoped I would meet in creating this finished photograph. The finished work needed to be –
1) graphic and bold
2) show part of the building and LoDo
3) be something visually unexpected to visitors, tennants and passers by.

They all love it and so do I.

brick, architecture, historical

Historical Facade Rocky Mountain Seed

The mural is installed inside the doors on the left, the office building lobby entrance now, which is open during normal business hours. Using a combination of a Libatique 73 look, a reference to 1873 Calotype, with a modern, digital twist I created this view of the newly renovated building’s facade.  The owners and their contractor did a wonderful job in the renovation which is true to the history of the building including the signage.

Note taking from paper to Apple’s Notes

The Importance of Note Taking –

“Note taking is one of my favourite pastimes. I can’t tell you where I’d be if I hadn’t had a pen on hand to write down my ideas (or more importantly, other people’s) as soon as they came to me. Some of Virgin’s most successful companies have been born from random moments – if we hadn’t opened our notebooks, they would never have happened.”  – Richard Branson

To read Richard’s entire blog post –

From paper to Apple’s Notes.

Isn’t it fun when you learn that you and someone like Richard Branson have something in common?  From what I know about Mr. Branson, there is a lot to admire.  I appreciate his energy and how he has put ideas to use.  Most of all he seems to know how to have fun!

As an artist, paper and pencil have been part of my life from my earliest memory.  Drawing and feeling the textures of different papers from having crayons to #2 pencils in hand.  Spontaneously you are drawing concentric curvy lines or bringing to life something that just popped into your mind.  You are not limited by batteries or software.  You are not limited.

Piano lessons and playing were an important because it included use of hands and mind in my growth.  I started at 1 year of age.  The touch of fingers on the keys was the element of sound and expression unique to me.  Reminds me of the touch of putting words and pictures down on paper.

Journaling and note taking are an essential part of a successful business and creative life.  As an example, I can reconnect with Roger Ebert’s thoughts on film noir, or Werner Herzog’s thoughts on walking or Martin Venezky’s approach to talking about art, just by reading my own notes.  As Richard says, “No matter how big, small, simple or complex an idea is, get it in writing. But don’t just take notes for the sake of taking notes, go through your ideas and turn them into actionable and measurable goals. If you don’t write your ideas down, they could leave your head before you even leave the room.”

Do you have a collection of pocket-sized pens and notebooks?  Moleskins?  Absolutely!  When you are limited to only a smartphone or an Apple device with Notes, there is no limit to your ideas once again.  While the note taking experience is not as tactile, it’s infinitely valuable.  And, you have the ability to search within your thoughts that are already in digital form.  Select them and turn them into actionable and measurable goals.

In the Spirit of Ideas.

Steel, Spire, Art, Dublin

The Spire of Dublin ©DianeHuntress 2013



New Art Photograph Commission #4

Infinite Editions, mural, historic

Ron Landucci of Infinite Editions who printed the photograph, oversees the installation.

Seeing this mural-sized photograph printed and in the process of installation is worth a big sigh.  Ron printed my image using pigment ink on a glossy paper or substrate then the piece was protected with a satin laminate.

craftmanship, installation, art

Ron Landucci, master printer, doing the critical measurement on the back of the mounted photograph.

I created multiple options for presentation of “Golden Seed” and along with the client, we chose a 3 panel horizontal triptych.  The photograph was mounted onto aluminum and 6mm Dibond.

art installation, Infinite Editions

The client works with Lorenzo and Ron Landucci on the exact positioning of the mural.

Ron and the client used MDF on the back of the mounted print plus Dibond creating a sandwich to provide a structure to attach the aluminum tubing.  From the beginning of the commission to completion, working with the best quality materials and people is a reward in itself.