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Mary Ellen Mark Dies at 75

Mary Ellen Mark Dies at 75

Just look at the portrait of her which accompanies this story.

The photo credit:  Mary Ellen Mark in 2000. Credit Chris Felver/Getty Images

It’s engaging and full of character, just like her work.

This is the last line of the story –  it speaks to me…

“I would die if I had to be confined,” Ms. Mark told an interviewer for the introduction to “Passport.” “I don’t want to feel that I’m missing out on experiencing as much as I can. For me, experiencing is knowing people all over the world and being able to photograph.”

close story-meta

Cannes cafe’

Hey that’s me!  Sitting at a cafe’ on the Croisette in Cannes, France!  The Cannes Film festival had opened and behind me was a crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt at the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez in 2013.  Much of the daytime action is based around this hotel where our favorite radio station 106.5 Riviera Radio is broadcasting during the week and the Festival.

We listen to “The Full English Breakfast Show” each weeknight (right now) or day (morning drive time) depending on which side of the Atlantic we are currently living on.  Rob Harrison and Will Jones, both Brits, are really knowledgable about music and delightfully funny.

The cappuccino view was toward the Mediterranean Sea and the famous Red Carpet just down the street.

Cannes, cafe', France

Cappuccino in Cannes.

I bet more people saw me instead of Brad Pitt that day!

Animal print shoes in Italian wine village.

One of the joys of being a photographer is the chance to meet and photograph so many unique people.  In the process of creating images for my Picture Italia project based in the NW Italian wine producing region of Piedmont, many wonderful winemakers have been helpful.

Daniela Saffirio of Mauro Veglio Winery is one of the best.  But, when Mauro Veglio and Daniela meet us in Monforte d’Alba to enjoy some prosecco,  she is wearing such fun shoes!

animal print heels, fun

Super fun shoes in Piedmont, Italy. ©Diane Huntress 2013

Bethany & Rufus musical artists

Baur’s is back!  And, so is listening in the Historic Baur’s Building which was originally a “virtual palace of sweets:  cases of candy, cakes and a soda fountain” at 1512 Curtis Street in downtown Denver.

Last night I had to put down my glass of wine and get out my iPhone with perfect hipstamatic app to capture the performance of Bethany & Rufus under a small, but elegant theatrical curtain set at the end of rows of chairs in the bar area.  Fans of world music were sitting and listening enthusiastically to every note while some traded sitting for enthusiastic dancing.  Just out of view was special guest Brahim Frigane playing an instrument like a lute.

The group featuring singer, Bethany Yarrow, are tonight in Washington DC performing with Bethany’s father, Peter.  Their passion, especially for Brazilian culture, and amazing musical skill was memorable.

world music, beautiful.

Bethany & Rufus at Baur’s in downtown Denver Spring Concert.

Celebrating International Jazz Day

From exquisite dissonance and edgy music to tropical harmonies the MHQ Jazz Sextet celebrated the release of their new CD, “Hear, Here”  in an artful space, the Mike Wright Gallery on Wazee Street in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood last night.

jazz, musician,

Ken Walker, jazz player extraordinaire, in MHQ Sextet.

“One of the joys of listening to jazz in an art gallery is the opportunity to spend some time viewing the new art there while listening to jazz,” noted Bob Montgomery.

Jazz, band, Hipstamatic

Bob Montgomery takes applause from band members.

The band members on The MHQ Sextet CD are Dave Hanson piano, Ken Walker bass, Todd Reid drums, Al Hermann trombone, Josh Quinlan, saxophone and Bob Mongomery trumpet.