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DIA Bike Art 2015

Did you know that Denver International Airport has a growing collection of bicycle art by wonderful local artists?  Ivar Zeile, art concultant, curates the new art annually to coincide with the US Pro Challenge Colorado bike race.

The artworks are installed in baggage area of the airport for the 5th annual exhibition.

Detail, Bike, Art

Collin Parson bike art commission for the US Pro Challenge

Bike, light, art

Bicycle light art for the US Pro Challenge by Collin Parson.


Art, Bike, Box

An entire bicycle in a glass box by esteemed Colorado artist, Phil Bender.


Art, Bicycle, box

An entire bicycle in a glass box by esteemed Colorado artist, Phil Bender.

John Buck Figurative Sculpture Photograph

At the renowned Robischon Gallery in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood a new show of work by distinguished American artist John Buck has opened. Intricately hand-hewn figurative sculptures, large kinetic and carved wood panels plus woodblock prints are featured in an extensive summer show.

man female schulpture

Figurative carved jelutong wood sculpture at Robishchon gallery.

With an education and passion in the arts, I photograph installations for artists, collectors and curators.  In this case I’ve developed a style that shows human engagement with the art and an expression of the art itself.


Storm over 910 Pencil Denver

Cumulonimbus clouds building over Denver’s tallest and the orange #910 pencil on the University Building.

colorful clouds city

Cumulonimbus building over Denver #910 pencil and tallest buildings. ©Diane Huntress 2015

Colorful combination of blues plus the warm oranges of sundown with pencil remind me of the paintings of J.M.W.Turner.  He was also moved by nimbus clouds.

Rain, thunder and lightning follow…