Monthly Archives: September 2015

Aqua water and wave.

How do you live creatively? For me, it’s a necessary feature of living every day.

If I have a commission challenge that I’m trying to approach or a creative choice to make, floating in the pool at our building is perfect.  If the water is like glass, just looking at the surface and shades of blue or aqua around the depths of the pool seem to open the mind to opportunities and meditation.


hand, water, photo

Ciao to Summer and days floating in aqua water.

With my LifeProof case on my iPhone, capturing the beauty and patterns in the water are irresistible. Look for more images including my favorite float in Minion yellow soon.


Praying Francis

Photograph Mantis circles

Praying Francis a Praying Mantis with city lights in background.

After an evening out at our favorite LoDo places, we poured a couple glasses of Italian red Piedmontese wine and moved outdoors to our balcony.  David felt the lightest touch from something landing on his hand and he moved just enough for it to walk onto the railing.   It turned out to be this Mantis or Mantid.  We had never seen such a wonderful critter high up on an urban skyscraper before.

“Mantids are unique among insects in their ability to turn their heads a full 180 degrees. ”

I grabbed two of my fast lenses (a 1.7 – 50mm & 2.8 – 100mm macro) and captured the distinctive silhouette against a background of circles of confusion from the lighted D&F Tower nearby.  Using all manual exposure and focus + handheld was possible since the insect hung out almost 30 minutes at 11:30 PM.

With Pope Francis trip to the USA, naming this image “Praying Francis” was immediate.  We wish them both an inspiring visit!