Monthly Archives: March 2016

Adorable Chocolate Bunnies!

Do you eat off the ears first?  80 % of people do reportedly.  But these bunnies are too cute!

Easter, Chocolate, Bunnies

Adorable Chocolate Bunnies


Chocolate, Cake, springtime

Chocolate Spring Cake by Whole Foods.

Spring! Urban Beauty

Hope springs eternal!  Following a cold and windy week in Denver, snow fell over night.  Springtime has happened again! On the way to breakfast, with a schedule for the day but thanks to my iPhone using an app I’ve been honing for 4 years, this scene could be captured.  The lines of this iconic tree emphasized by the snow and shadow on the branches are beautiful, but especially with the just formed and fresh green leaves.

Hope!  What’s not to like?


urban, spring, snow, tree

Morning sun and blue sky highlight the fresh snow on the tree which is the central feature of the Denver Brooks Tower Condominium building.