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Small Village on the Bay of Banderas #2

This location is one of the eight ecozones making up the Earth’s land surface.  Two of the most beautiful distractions in this neotropical environment are the luscious cool water and warm, soft sand.



pool, aqua, water

Swimming pool water reflects the sky and tile on bottom.



beach, sand, pattern

Beach sand pattern after ocean breezes and feet.

Balance created by the distant Sierra Madre horizon line.

sand, sea, mountains

Sand, sea and Sierra Madre.

It was natural to make an image emphasizing transparency in color, light and form.  The design of this pool is something to appreciate.  The palms and 3 water falls constitute an inviting landscape.  But does it function as a place to swim and enjoy the water?  Yes, fantastico!

I walked down wide, gradual and easy tile steps to shoulder high water and glided to the base of the palm which was the perfect height for sitting submerged under about 6 inches of water.  The perimeter of the pool covered by smooth, square tiles provided a useful places to walk or sit.  Refreshed and back to my workflow of image downloads.  More to follow…

pool, serene, aqua

Swim up palm tree in pool. La Cruz, Mexico

Small village on Bay of Banderas #1

“Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes…”  Jimmy Buffet.

Stories from an artist about embracing a new challenge, living the off-season in a tropical place and finishing a new photo-based book on the incredible Italian wine and food region, Piedmont.

beer, Puerto Vallarta, tropical

Negra Modelo sweating in the tropical breeze at top of lighthouse.

First stop is Puerto Vallarta and the bird’s eye view from the Marina Vallarta Lighthouse, El Faro.  The Sierra Madre (think the “Treasure…” from director, John Huston) frame the background to the port that is popular with yachts as well as grande cruise ships.  Like the way the sea blue sky is mirrored in the table top.