The people behind public light art.

Creative MachinesHow do you celebrate the dedication of new sculptural light artwork?  Engage with the art and take Selfies with it, of course.  While I’m all in for light art that engages and anything that excites people to capture themselves with it, this image required a photographer.  😀

Arizona landscape and sculpture artist, Blessing Hancock, shows us the scale of the work and one of the ways to enjoy the new lighted 3-dimensional artwork.  Behind her head is a button that is pushed to change the color range of the light from this magenta, to blue, white and our  favorite, orange.  At the ends and at the left side in this photo are her designs of things “on display” and for sale in unique, independently owned antique shops and boutiques lining both sides of this street, South Broadway.


light art, artist, color

Public Landscape and 3-d artist, Blessing Hancock reclining in “On Display”. ©Diane Huntress 2015


blue men, light, art

Denver Arts and Venues Blue Man Group – L-R Rudi Cerri, Brannen, Michael Chavez



Light Art, "Display", designs

New Public Art “On Display” in Denver.

Denver Arts and Venues commissioned the new light art sculptures by Tucson firm, Creative Machines, a multi-disciplinary firm made up of visionary artists, engineers and fabricators.


Portrait of The Westin DEN Airport

TheWestin at Denver International Airport has just opened.  The striking curvaceous top profile and “the sleek form resembles a bird with its wings extended as it hovers above the public plaza.” –

Reflection Airport Architecture

New Westin Hotel – Denver International Airport reflects iconic Jeppesen Terminal tents design on glass structure.



window light architecture

Curves continue in the washed in natural light from windows of the hotel conference center with a capacity of 2000.


sculpture windows

Sculpture elevates Conference Center The Westin Denver International Airport


artwork colorful entrance

DIA employee enthusiastic about new original artwork from local artist, Mindy Bray.


Light pool curves

The 11th floor pool in the top curves of the Westin Hotel DIA


swimming pool windows

The swimming pool fits in the top curves of the Westin.

Innovative light lobby

Inside the Sky Lobby of the new Westin Hotel at DEN


silhouette window airport

Jeppesen Terminal tents highlight of the view from this 11th floor suite.

Tasting Sake and Sherry with Oysters

shucking, oyster,

Ben shucking fresh, raw oysters from the Seattle Fish Company.

Ben Wolven is the owner and shucker of oyster catering and served:

Island Creek Oysters from Duxbury, Mass.
Wianno Oysters from Osterville, Mass.
Kumamoto Oysters from Humboldt Bay, Cali.
Shigoku Oysters from Willapa Bay, WA
Goose Point Oysters from Willapa Bay, WA

Simone FM Spinner, CWS, CWE, (Certified Wine Sommelier & Certified Wine Educator) is passionate about wine, food & travel.  She organized this creative tasting to benefit the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and is the Wine Director of Bonnie Brae Wine & Liquor in Denver.

Learn more about Simone here.

Sommelier, woman, tasting

Simone and the perfect pairing of wine and oyster! at Bonnie Brae Wine and Liquor tasting for the Colorado Symphony.



wine glasses lights

Glasses ready for tasting at the Washington Park Boat House.

Pouring sake were E. Corp, BDC and Southern Wine & Spirits.  It was a treat to pair Joto Daigingo Sake with the naturally salty raw oysters.  It was quite smooth with an aroma of honeysuckle.



oyster, sauce, lemon

Oyster with cocktail sauce and lemon paired with aromatic Bozen Muller Thurgau was also just right.


tropical flower plant

Tropical plants in arrangements added to the delightful evening.


Pedro Ximénez is the grape variety used to make this sherry.  As a photographer I was attracted to this one because the color was so warm and beautiful like an aged Barolo. But it had a lovely balance of fruit for me at the end of this evening.

Sherry, glasses, lake

Two wine glasses of El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez NV and Washington Park Lake background.


Aqua water and wave.

How do you live creatively? For me, it’s a necessary feature of living every day.

If I have a commission challenge that I’m trying to approach or a creative choice to make, floating in the pool at our building is perfect.  If the water is like glass, just looking at the surface and shades of blue or aqua around the depths of the pool seem to open the mind to opportunities and meditation.


hand, water, photo

Ciao to Summer and days floating in aqua water.

With my LifeProof case on my iPhone, capturing the beauty and patterns in the water are irresistible. Look for more images including my favorite float in Minion yellow soon.


Praying Francis

Photograph Mantis circles

Praying Francis a Praying Mantis with city lights in background.

After an evening out at our favorite LoDo places, we poured a couple glasses of Italian red Piedmontese wine and moved outdoors to our balcony.  David felt the lightest touch from something landing on his hand and he moved just enough for it to walk onto the railing.   It turned out to be this Mantis or Mantid.  We had never seen such a wonderful critter high up on an urban skyscraper before.

“Mantids are unique among insects in their ability to turn their heads a full 180 degrees. ”

I grabbed two of my fast lenses (a 1.7 – 50mm & 2.8 – 100mm macro) and captured the distinctive silhouette against a background of circles of confusion from the lighted D&F Tower nearby.  Using all manual exposure and focus + handheld was possible since the insect hung out almost 30 minutes at 11:30 PM.

With Pope Francis trip to the USA, naming this image “Praying Francis” was immediate.  We wish them both an inspiring visit!

DIA Bike Art 2015

Did you know that Denver International Airport has a growing collection of bicycle art by wonderful local artists?  Ivar Zeile, art concultant, curates the new art annually to coincide with the US Pro Challenge Colorado bike race.

The artworks are installed in baggage area of the airport for the 5th annual exhibition.

Detail, Bike, Art

Collin Parson bike art commission for the US Pro Challenge

Bike, light, art

Bicycle light art for the US Pro Challenge by Collin Parson.


Art, Bike, Box

An entire bicycle in a glass box by esteemed Colorado artist, Phil Bender.


Art, Bicycle, box

An entire bicycle in a glass box by esteemed Colorado artist, Phil Bender.

John Buck Figurative Sculpture Photograph

At the renowned Robischon Gallery in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood a new show of work by distinguished American artist John Buck has opened. Intricately hand-hewn figurative sculptures, large kinetic and carved wood panels plus woodblock prints are featured in an extensive summer show.

man female schulpture

Figurative carved jelutong wood sculpture at Robishchon gallery.

With an education and passion in the arts, I photograph installations for artists, collectors and curators.  In this case I’ve developed a style that shows human engagement with the art and an expression of the art itself.


Storm over 910 Pencil Denver

Cumulonimbus clouds building over Denver’s tallest and the orange #910 pencil on the University Building.

colorful clouds city

Cumulonimbus building over Denver #910 pencil and tallest buildings. ©Diane Huntress 2015

Colorful combination of blues plus the warm oranges of sundown with pencil remind me of the paintings of J.M.W.Turner.  He was also moved by nimbus clouds.

Rain, thunder and lightning follow…

Denver Digerati Digital Animation Show

At the Commons on Champa, Denver’s public campus for entrepreneurship, Ivar Zeile, the curator introduces commissioned new work for Denver Digerati.   The Commons on Champa

Man talking digital

Denver curator, Ivar Zeile intro to new work for Digerati Denver at The Commons on Champa.


Digital Animation Show

Two women watching the June Denver Digerati showcasing some of the world’s most innovative and creative digital animation.


man digital animation

Denver Digital Animation Show being watched by artist
Milton Buddy Melvin Croissant III.


Red Shoes

Don’t Touch or Climb on the Art!

In this case, artist Melissa Furness, wearing classic red shoes, stands on a separate, touchable section her new work at the opening of Vis-a’-Vis at McNichols.  This is a fine show of installation pieces created by 4 artists who participated in the 2015 Biennial Ambassadors Program. More about the show

red shoes artist

Melissa Furness, artist, standing on a new painting in the Vis-s-Vis show.