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A quality expressed in a portrait.

Photos in new life of The Crawford Hotel, Denver

Happy Birthday Colorado!

historic moulding hotel white

Bright crown moulding surrounds large, arched windows on the East side of The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station.

Vicki Godbey, famous for great promotions when she was at the Brown Palace Hotel (L) and the iconic Dana Crawford, Denver based Historic Preservationista and namesake of the new Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station, in a quiet moment before the Gala opening.

Historic Crawford women

Vicki Godbey (L) and Dana Crawford watch the hustle in the Great Hall in prep of the Grand Opening.


Rainbow, iPhone, dusk

At dusk before The Crawford Hotel Grand Opening a rainbow brings Terminal Bar customers out to capture it on cell phone cameras.

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Festa in italian wine cellar

How do you celebrate your successful harvest (vendemmia in italian) and  the 80th of your father, Oreste?  Enzo Brezza, son of Oreste and now winemaker of the Brezza Winery in Barolo, Region of Piedmont, in NW Italy just invited 100 of his friends and colleagues to celebrate with lots of traditional food and music while opening wines that are not yet on the market!

Piemontese accordian and guitar playing, people dancing in wine cellar

Traditional music in the Brezza wine cellar to celebrate the 2012 harvest with friends and family.

We’re on the road in NW Italy in progress to finish the Picture Italia book project started in 1997.


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Ulrich Cover Story

Cover and spread photo of Marshall Ulrich training at altitude

Marshall training at altitude on gorgeous Colorado day.

This is the cover and inside spread of the cover story.

The 10 commandments of endurance, aka “Marshall’s Law”

1. Expect a journey and a battle.

2. Focus on the present and set intermediate goals.

3. Don’t dwell on the negative.

4. Transcend the physical.

5. Accept your fate.

6. Have confidence that you will succeed.

7. Know that there will be an end.

8. Suffering is OK.

9. Be kind to yourself.

10. Quitting is not an option.


It’s worth checking out the full article online at:

Doesn’t this list describe how to accept a challenge in our lives?   You don’t need to be training for an ultimate physical race.

This is my list for July 2012!


natural light portrait of Marshall Ulrich

Marshall Ulrich showing his character and confidence in portrait during cover story photo shoot by Diane Huntress.

It’s an honor for me to meet and photograph so many

accomplished people such as Marshall.  And, he was

fantastic to work with.

More images of Marshall forthcoming.

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Marshall Ulrich Cover Photo Shoot by Huntress

My mission:   surpass the client’s expectations and capture more great shots than they expected.  Here’s the layout for the November cover of Senior Market Advisor featuring adventure athlete, Marshall Ulrich.

The 10 commandments of endurance, aka “Marshall’s Law”

Ulrich put together a list of his 10 commandments of endurance.

#10. Quitting is not an option.

More commandments and images coming.


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Creative movers and shakers return to the new Wazee

The 1930’s deco style bleached mahogany burl bar has been beautifully restored and in full view of the smooth bar and sparkling open floor plan of the Wazee Supper Club at the corner of Wazee and 15th Streets.

Mahogany Bar at Denver's Wazee Supper Club

Mahogany Bar at Denver's Wazee Supper Club.

We’re all happy that the 6 week renovation is finished so we can return for the best pizza around.  It’s the place to meet before or after theatre or a film.  And, after a photo shoot nearby.  It’s a treat to listen to jazz by Bob Montgomery and friends on Wednesday nights provided free for patrons.  Cheers!



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Artist Shopping in LoDo

After a lunch at Coohills and shopping at REI, artist G. Wahl, struts her stuff.  Life is good.  What was refreshing and tasty for a summertime lunch?  We enjoyed 100% prosecco, salmon with green peppercorns over beautiful spinach followed by a perfect espresso with an exacting peel of lemon.  Grazie!!

G.  prefers the sparkling prosecco prior starting her most expressive style of painting.  I just prefer sparkling.  It adds to the fun of shooting around our great LoDo locations.

Starting in Fall 2012, you’ll have to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to visit her new studio.  She’s represented there by McLarry Modern Gallery.   See her new work

She’ll be missed in Denver, but what a great excuse to visit Santa Fe again.

artist G. Wahl shopping in LoDo

Artist G Wahl shopping in LoDo ©Diane Huntress 2012

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Fun with Presidents


Presidential Rock Stars ©Diane Huntress


I’m known for photography of people and the built environment + having fun ‘at the same time!’   Couldn’t resist creating this picture of George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe which was inspired by, Adam Lerner, friend and Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in  Denver.  Thanks to these great guys from Rapid City, South Dakota.  Happy Presidents’ Day!

Have you been to Mount Rushmore?  I went as a youngster on a family driving vacation through the Badlands.  Pretty amazing.  About 2 million people each year visit this granite sculpture by Danish-American Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum.



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olympic gold medalist bike racing colorado

Winter Olympic Gold Medalist in speed skating, Eric Heiden, showing his championship style on Kodachrome.  The excellent 7-11 Cycling team forecast the talent of American bike racing.   While on assignment for Descente, I had the pleasure of working with now Dr. Heiden. Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Heiden racing on 7-11 Team

Pro Bike Racer Eric Heiden ©Diane Huntress




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Hinault racing Vail Colorado

Bernard Hinault, famous champion of the sport,  is part of the heritage of road racing in Colorado.  Coors and Celestial Seasons Red Zinger were event sponsors.

Focus and intensity.


Diane Huntress photo of great bike racer Hinault

©Diane Huntress


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Lights camera action!


Amy in action.

Always looking for an approach to show off my subjects and clients in the best light.  Amy was great to work with.

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