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Barilla fun design for #WorldCup


Fun Design with Pasta

Pasta ad design inspired by Italy’s #WorldCup team bite. 

Barilla pasta design for #Worldcup

For me the only way to do a great job on a book about the land and people of a place like the Italian region of Piedmont, is to immerse myself in the culture.  That includes food, art and futbol.


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Cagey Bunny Portrait

cute, wooden, carved, bunny,

Bunnies must be cagey this time of year.

The eyes have it!

Collection at Davis Mather Folk Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.








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Colorful Public Art commissioned by Ceretto in Italy

colorful, public art in Barolo Vineyard

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Alert! Bunnies unite.

Cute Easter candy bunnies - sinister?

Alert! Bunnies Unite. by Diane Huntress

  • After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy consuming holiday.


  • About 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies and 16 billion jelly beans are produced for Easter each year.  The favorite jelly bean?  Red.


  • Rabbits are the ancient symbol of fertility and new life.


  • Rabbits aren’t doing all the work!  In Switzerland the cuckoo delivers the Easter eggs and in Germany kids wait for a fox, chick, rooster or stork.


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Finding myself at the Maeght Foundation

Making our way through Miro’s Labyrinth in St. Paul de Vence, near Nice, France, couldn’t help finding joy and myself in this delightful collaborative piece by Miro’ and Josep Llorens Artigas, ceramist.  Just part of living in this part of the world.

Diane in the Miro's Labyrinth

colorful, ceramic art, wall in sculpture garden, labyrinth at the Maeght Foundation, St. Paul de Vence, France

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Artist Shopping in LoDo

After a lunch at Coohills and shopping at REI, artist G. Wahl, struts her stuff.  Life is good.  What was refreshing and tasty for a summertime lunch?  We enjoyed 100% prosecco, salmon with green peppercorns over beautiful spinach followed by a perfect espresso with an exacting peel of lemon.  Grazie!!

G.  prefers the sparkling prosecco prior starting her most expressive style of painting.  I just prefer sparkling.  It adds to the fun of shooting around our great LoDo locations.

Starting in Fall 2012, you’ll have to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to visit her new studio.  She’s represented there by McLarry Modern Gallery.   See her new work

She’ll be missed in Denver, but what a great excuse to visit Santa Fe again.

artist G. Wahl shopping in LoDo

Artist G Wahl shopping in LoDo ©Diane Huntress 2012

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Fun with Presidents


Presidential Rock Stars ©Diane Huntress


I’m known for photography of people and the built environment + having fun ‘at the same time!’   Couldn’t resist creating this picture of George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe which was inspired by, Adam Lerner, friend and Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in  Denver.  Thanks to these great guys from Rapid City, South Dakota.  Happy Presidents’ Day!

Have you been to Mount Rushmore?  I went as a youngster on a family driving vacation through the Badlands.  Pretty amazing.  About 2 million people each year visit this granite sculpture by Danish-American Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum.



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What to do for Valentines?

Send a Valentine to people and clients you care about.

And, a little chocolate and something in red lace sends a message too!


Red lacy skirt at Forever 21

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Luminocity Gala

sparkling table with mylar martini and wine glasses with candle

Luminocity ©Diane Huntress

What’s a photographer to do?  You are a non-working guest at a wonderful, fun, artful gala event and your natural urge is to capture it all.  You have another sip of the fabulous extra dry, extra dirty martini with three olives, get out your iphone and take the picture!  The DJ is spinning and it’s time to dance!

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Diane Huntress portrait summer

There’s nothing like a telephoto lens capturing light jumping around on water to create circles of confusion then add a couple swimmers to silhouette making a graphic image of Summer.

silhouetted swimmers in sparkling water

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