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Art in Paris, France

Photographing art and being involved with public art add to my professional and personal life.  Challenging too.

Two big exhibitions in Paris spoke to us this month.  I made a connection between two pieces in which the artist created something new inspired by the architecture of the location.

First – “Dynamo” at the Grand Palais lead the viewer through graphic works of light and illusion in a dizzying collection.  In a quiet exterior colonnade is this – “Twenty-three discs than twelve hollowed halves and four quarters” by artist, Felice Varini.  It’s not a

‘photoshoped’ graphic, but an image of the architecture to which he has added orange acrylic paint on aluminum foil adhesive.  If you stand where I stood, you see this perspective.  To learn more about his work –

perspective, art, photography, Paris

Art installation by Felice Varini at Grand Palais, Paris.

Henrique Oliveira, who lives and works in Sao Paulo, created “Baitogogo” within the structure of Palais de Tokyo in Paris.  Another work that affects the viewers’ perception of space.  He utilizes materials such as tapumes, wood taken from fences surrounding construction sites.   His website –


Henrique Oliveira, art, installation

Baitogogo photo by Diane Huntress

This show, “Nouvelles Vagues” recently opened and will continue to September.  It is described as a large-scale event organized by 21 international young curators.

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Gesture Photography

Gesture + Color =  expression

Late afternoon sun creates shadow at Museum of Contemporary Art

Gesture in shadow ©Diane Huntress 2011

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Lights camera action!


Amy in action.

Always looking for an approach to show off my subjects and clients in the best light.  Amy was great to work with.

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