Carrara Marble Silhouette

“Recent research at Stanford University indicates that where previous studies of face recognition have been based on frontal views, studies with silhouettes show humans are able to extract accurate information about gender and age from the silhouette alone.”

In photography a silhouette is normally created against the light as in a french term, ‘contre-jour’.   I love this effect particularly in my Landscape of Wine series in the NW Italian region of Piedmont.   In the art of paper cutting out of  black paper creates a strong contrast telling a story emphasizing the lines and shapes of figures in silhouette.

Taking inspiration from a cool iphone app + Larry Kirkland’s public art piece, “East 2 West Source Point” + recent portraits I’ve created in silhouette this was fun to create.

The visible lines in the location  relate to the texture of the Carrara marble used to create this sculpture.



Lips Silhouette in Blues ©Diane Huntress

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