Artist Shopping in LoDo

After a lunch at Coohills and shopping at REI, artist G. Wahl, struts her stuff.  Life is good.  What was refreshing and tasty for a summertime lunch?  We enjoyed 100% prosecco, salmon with green peppercorns over beautiful spinach followed by a perfect espresso with an exacting peel of lemon.  Grazie!!

G.  prefers the sparkling prosecco prior starting her most expressive style of painting.  I just prefer sparkling.  It adds to the fun of shooting around our great LoDo locations.

Starting in Fall 2012, you’ll have to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to visit her new studio.  She’s represented there by McLarry Modern Gallery.   See her new work

She’ll be missed in Denver, but what a great excuse to visit Santa Fe again.

artist G. Wahl shopping in LoDo

Artist G Wahl shopping in LoDo ©Diane Huntress 2012

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