Wishes for sunny days ahead for Croatia

It was the dark of Winter.  I would need the time to do new images, read the latest book on Lightroom 4 by Seth Resnick, create one new website and 2 new portfolios for the upcoming work in the Piedmont Region of Italy.

Split, Croatia Caffe Luxor.  Many visits during January and March-April 2013 to “Review the situation”  ended April 14th on a typically sunny Mediterranean day in Dalmatia. Coffee was part of the culture.  And, it’s fine cappuccino with just the right amount of hot expresso and tight, luxurious amounts of foam.  Then I could see this image.

People enjoy coffee in the sunshine of  the Diocletian Palace

People enjoy coffee in the sunshine of the Diocletian’s Palace and Luxor Caffe in Split, Croatia

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