Golden Seed photo mural #5

artist, photo, mural, historic

Photographer Diane Huntress and new commission, “Golden Seed”.

The client presented me with criteria he hoped I would meet in creating this finished photograph. The finished work needed to be –
1) graphic and bold
2) show part of the building and LoDo
3) be something visually unexpected to visitors, tennants and passers by.

They all love it and so do I.

brick, architecture, historical

Historical Facade Rocky Mountain Seed

The mural is installed inside the doors on the left, the office building lobby entrance now, which is open during normal business hours. Using a combination of a Libatique 73 look, a reference to 1873 Calotype, with a modern, digital twist I created this view of the newly renovated building’s facade.  The owners and their contractor did a wonderful job in the renovation which is true to the history of the building including the signage.

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