New Art Photograph Commission #4

Infinite Editions, mural, historic

Ron Landucci of Infinite Editions who printed the photograph, oversees the installation.

Seeing this mural-sized photograph printed and in the process of installation is worth a big sigh.  Ron printed my image using pigment ink on a glossy paper or substrate then the piece was protected with a satin laminate.

craftmanship, installation, art

Ron Landucci, master printer, doing the critical measurement on the back of the mounted photograph.

I created multiple options for presentation of “Golden Seed” and along with the client, we chose a 3 panel horizontal triptych.  The photograph was mounted onto aluminum and 6mm Dibond.

art installation, Infinite Editions

The client works with Lorenzo and Ron Landucci on the exact positioning of the mural.

Ron and the client used MDF on the back of the mounted print plus Dibond creating a sandwich to provide a structure to attach the aluminum tubing.  From the beginning of the commission to completion, working with the best quality materials and people is a reward in itself.

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