Tasting Sake and Sherry with Oysters

shucking, oyster,

Ben shucking fresh, raw oysters from the Seattle Fish Company.

Ben Wolven is the owner and shucker of www.ColoradoRaw.com oyster catering and served:

Island Creek Oysters from Duxbury, Mass.
Wianno Oysters from Osterville, Mass.
Kumamoto Oysters from Humboldt Bay, Cali.
Shigoku Oysters from Willapa Bay, WA
Goose Point Oysters from Willapa Bay, WA

Simone FM Spinner, CWS, CWE, (Certified Wine Sommelier & Certified Wine Educator) is passionate about wine, food & travel.  She organized this creative tasting to benefit the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and is the Wine Director of Bonnie Brae Wine & Liquor in Denver.

Learn more about Simone here.

Sommelier, woman, tasting

Simone and the perfect pairing of wine and oyster! at Bonnie Brae Wine and Liquor tasting for the Colorado Symphony.



wine glasses lights

Glasses ready for tasting at the Washington Park Boat House.

Pouring sake were E. Corp, BDC and Southern Wine & Spirits.  It was a treat to pair Joto Daigingo Sake with the naturally salty raw oysters.  It was quite smooth with an aroma of honeysuckle.



oyster, sauce, lemon

Oyster with cocktail sauce and lemon paired with aromatic Bozen Muller Thurgau was also just right.


tropical flower plant

Tropical plants in arrangements added to the delightful evening.


Pedro Ximénez is the grape variety used to make this sherry.  As a photographer I was attracted to this one because the color was so warm and beautiful like an aged Barolo. But it had a lovely balance of fruit for me at the end of this evening.

Sherry, glasses, lake

Two wine glasses of El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez NV and Washington Park Lake background.


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