hiper mart

Quotidian?  Another day of shopping at a Pacific Coast Mexican hyper mart, La Mega.  How to make it fun?  These are some of my favorite things.


comic book, hero costume

Capitan America and little helper at La Mega hiper mart.


green tropical fruit

Giant green jackfruit portrait.

The jackfruit is the largest tropical fruit that grows on a tree and can weigh 80 pounds. According to the Tropical Fruit Guide.  It is the source of the original flavor of Juicy Fruit Gum.

tropical fruit detail

Jackfruit detail


fruit water melon

Large water melons displayed like small fruits at La Mega hyper mart.


man shopping cart

Cart escalator into La Mega.


beer display mexico

Amazing Mountain of Pacifico Beer

When they offer product promotions, they often create mountains of the stuff over 10 feet high like this one.


toys balls colorful

Toys and balls department at La Mega.


toy fish pool

Large inflatable swim pool shaped like a fish with mouth and teeth.

How about the real fish department?  Looks ready for it’s close-up!

octopus, fish, display

Fresh octopus sits on top of a mushroom display made of ice.

But where’s the CAKE?

cup cakes frosting

Cup cakes with squiggly frosting and cherries.


cake cherries bakery

Modernist cake with cherries.



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