It’s been a long time…

since I’ve posted on my blog. There was an opportunity to come to Ecuador for several months. So it’s Ecuador between the focus on finishing my photo book and exhibition project about the people and land of Piemonte in NW Italy and producing images for my clients.

AKA Passiflora ligularis or common name of granadilla in market.

This exotic fruit native to Ecuador is known as a granadilla. It spoke to me instantly and I bought one with no knowledge what it was or how tasty it would be. It’s yellow orange skin is smooth but tough to contain the sweetness inside. We cut the skin around the middle and tapped it to open. Inside were seeds which are edible and crunchy. Take a scoop of the sweet, tasty jelly with seeds and enjoy!

orange fruit cut open
Ecuador fruit the granadilla.
man eating exotic orange fruit with stem
It’s really tasty and sweet, but you have to taste it!

The fruit here in Ecuador is extra juicy and sweet with many from higher altitudes. They grow coconuts, bananas, uvilla (the size of a cherry tomato), mora (like blackberries), watermelon and mangoes to only mention a few. If you are a fan of fine coffee, they produce small, single farm coffee beans. It must be said that it is delicious and not bitter tasting.

For a peek at some images in my Italian project, here’s the link.

The way to reach me while in Ecuador, is by WhatsApp or email on this site’s contact page. Looking forward…

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