Going to Venice for art’s sake

venice, Italy, crowd

June crowd taking over popular bridge to Piazza san Marco, Venice



A year ago we were in Venice to experience the 57th Biennale Arte.  It was the first time I had been to the Biennale, the ultimate art experience.  Having visited Venice years before in the Fall;  I was only focused on the Biennale in Venice in 2017.  Honestly, the crowds of humanity in flip-flops and short shorts created wide, pushy barriers to our crossing all bridges on the walk to our hotel near Piazza San Marco.  

The next day, during the beautiful morning walk to the Giardini for the Biennale, we noticed the people going in our same direction were lacking the beach attire but were more of an art museum crowd.  

TIP:  You don’t need to be a serious photographer to be out and about at 5-5:30 AM and enjoying the early Venetian light in Piazza San Marco all to yourself.  

TIP:  Reserve ahead your tickets in advance to iconic places to visit such as, Saint Mark’s Basilica.

“In July and August it’s like war,” says Paola Mar, Tourism Chief of Venice.  In this interesting article by the Independent, see the link below, you can learn about how day-trippers have impacted your Venice visit.  

Travel News and Advice Visiting Venezia 

Our second Biennale day was spent at the Arsenale.  The Venetian Arsenal (Italian: Arsenale di Venezia) is a complex of former shipyards and armories clustered together.  A light breeze and quiet outside the uncrowded exhibition spaces was a welcome respite from the overwhelming crowds between St. Marks and the Venice main train station, Santa Lucia.

architecture, Venice, Italy

The Arsenale, Venice, Italy


Forward to the end of May 2018 – Turnstiles were installed at key points of entry to Venice.  At this time locals are protesting this approach to limiting day tourist visitors.

This from the City of Venice:

Extraordinary measures for the management of tourist flows in Venice – Summer 2018

Visitors are advised that during the period between  1 June and 2 September 2018 , already indicated in  the Tourist Bulletin  as a period of possible high tourist crowding, the Municipality of Venice may adopt, with the required gradualness,  extraordinary measures for the management of visitor flows  through pedestrian and / or traffic deviation interventions shared by the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Safety and decided in a timely manner by the Local Police on the basis of the actual level of pressure exerted on the City, in order to guarantee a secure management of tourist flows, consistent with the needs of residents and in terms of order and safety.

However, the residents of the municipality of Venice and in general all the holders of the Venezia Unica card are excluded from these operations.

The measures taken are:

  • Yellow stamp : presence of stewards and directional totems, with availability of barriers for the temporary management of flows in case of need assessed by the Local Police
  • Red stamp : presence of stewards and directional totems, with preparation of the passages at Ponte della Costituzione and Lista di Spagna for the management of flows, in case of need assessed by the Local Police
  • Black stamp : presence of stewards and directional totems, with preparation of the passages at Ponte della Costituzione and Lista di Spagna for the management of flows, in case of need assessed by the Local Police, and obligation to disembark at the Fondamenta Nove for the “grand tourism” launches “Coming from the Municipalities of Cavallino-Treporti, Jesolo, Musile di Piave, Quarto d’Altino

Special ordinances may be issued on the occasion of the Feast of the Redeemer on 14 July and the Historical Regatta on 2 September, and in the event of unforeseen emergencies.

To find out the details of the days affected by these measures, please consult the  Calendar of interventions for the management of tourist flows in Venice

It is advisable, also in order to avoid possible inconvenience, to visit Venice on days not affected by these extraordinary measures, preferring dates and times when the city is less crowded.



News: Diane Huntress Ski Photography Talk

Announcing a special in person talk featuring Ski Photography with photographs projected in a state of the art digital wall.  

Date:  April 18, 2018

Photograph, Nordic, Norway

At the top of famous Nordic Ski Jumps at Holmenkollen and Lillehammer, Norway


Diane, a specialist in corporate, magazine and fine art photography, will talk about her coverage of World Cup Skiing, Rugby and America’s Cup.  Diane, featured in Pentax Life and American Photo, will also include fine art work and Q&A.  

Diane has been commissioned by Capital One to do this speaking engagement with images and stories about her professional experience…How she became a photographer, how photography has changed since she started and being a women in the profession.  

Publication list includes:  Ski, Skiing, Outside, Powder, American Photo, TV Guide, U.S. Olympic Organization, New York Times

No ticket or cost to attend the event except an RSVP 

We will have catered refreshments.

Location:  The Capital One Cafe, 1550 Wewatta St. near Denver Union Station/LoDo

Here is a link to the event calendar at the Capital One site:  https://www.capitalone.com/cafes/events/diane-huntress-photo-talk-2237

To RSVP just call 303-534-4498 or email:   picchic@dianehuntressphoto.com


April 18, 2018

5:00-6:30 pm

woman, sailing, race

Covering America’s Cup sailing action.


Venice Biennale Ultimate Art Experience

The Biennale Arte 2017 ends the 26th of November, 2017.  It was the ultimate art experience.

Coming out of each architecturally unique pavilion into the daylight and serenity of the Giardini with the welcome breezes from the Adriatic was amazing.  Fortunately the 1 euro espresso macchiato between the Canada and German pavilions was just perfect.


While the Great Britain, Russia, United States, Austria, Romania and Japan Giardini pavilions were grand and memorable, all participating artists’ expressions were important to experience.  I will post a curated collection of images.


Day 2 was devoted to the  Arsenale.  The ultimate art experience continued in industrial spaces with no physical separation between 9 themes or episodes curated by Christine Macel.  After that moving outdoors under clear blue sky, followed installations in participating countries – Argentina, New Zealand, Slovenia and the awe of China’s artists.


We saved Italy for last.  It was dark and mysterious entering in what was described as a ‘basilica-like’ space.   The entrance to “Imitation of Christ” by Roberto Cuoghi is pictured below.  After having read didactics for two days, I desired only immersion in his installation and would read his statement later.  It was a singular experience, amazing and creepy.  ‘Il mondo magico’ presents 3 artists who  created works about the “transformative power of the imagination and an interest in magic”.


That is me as the Vitruvian woman standing at the beginning of artist Cuoghi’s work which seems to be a factory to produce prehistoric devotional figures.  As written in the hand-sized and cool silver cover book for the show, the author “spent years studying a range of rituals, describing them as a means through which individuals try to regain control in times of uncertainty and reassert their presence in the world.”


Venice Biennale art

A Vitruvian woman in “Imitazione di Cristo” art installation.

My tip for attending the Venice Biennale is to go directly to the official book store in the Giardini and purchase their paperback guide. This illustrated guide was about 15 Euro, informative and handy to write in your own notes and impressions.

Among other outstanding contemporary art exhibitions we experienced in Europe this year were Lenbachhaus in Munich, Germany and  “Colors” at the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Italy.  Installed in the collection in the Castello was Fragments, 2005 by Ai Weiwei.  We didn’t expect to see this and I think we held our breaths walking in it.  The strength of this sculpture and the space are to be experienced.


Below is a link to this show, “Ancient Egypt Gives a New Twist to Turin’s Contemporary Art Week” which just ended.  Compliments to Turin.

Contemporary Art in Turin article by New York Times 

News…In Person Photography Show and Tell October 17

Photography News

News – Diane Huntress Presents: words and works from a Life in Photography

This event is FREE and Open to the Public.  Come find out how Diane was featured in Pentax Life and American Photo.  How does a world class photographer specializing in ski photography extend her business into photographing people in the corporate world?


Photography 70’s at Fine Arts Museum Split, Croatia

“Exhibition Split 70’s by photojournalist Fedja Klaric presents 130 black and white prints of photographs recorded in an exciting decade for the history of the city and the Croatian photography. Feđa Klarić represents generation of photographers whose poetics and personality vividly enriched national school of photography with the genre of live news photograph and thus pave the way for a generation of photographers of the following decade.”

Location:  Galerija Umjetnina or Fine Arts Museum, Split, Croatia.

The exhibition continues through March 26, 2017.

70’s Split Exhibition



Split, Croatia. Portrait of photographer, Feda Klaric.














photography, exhibition, poster

Poster at Galerija umjetnina (Museum of Fine Arts) exhibition of photographs by Fedja Klaric.


museum, photos, art

Galerija umjetnina (Museum of Fine Arts) exhibition of photographs by Fedja Klaric.


photographs, museum, Croatia

Exhibition of photographs by Feda Klaric in Galerija Umjetnina, Split, Croatia.


Galerija umjetnina (Museum of Fine Arts) interior courtyard with contemporary sculpture.


museum, Caffe, sign

Galerija umjetnina (Museum of Fine Arts) sandwich sign for Caffe Bar.

hiper mart

Quotidian?  Another day of shopping at a Pacific Coast Mexican hyper mart, La Mega.  How to make it fun?  These are some of my favorite things.


comic book, hero costume

Capitan America and little helper at La Mega hiper mart.


green tropical fruit

Giant green jackfruit portrait.

The jackfruit is the largest tropical fruit that grows on a tree and can weigh 80 pounds. According to the Tropical Fruit Guide.  It is the source of the original flavor of Juicy Fruit Gum.

tropical fruit detail

Jackfruit detail


fruit water melon

Large water melons displayed like small fruits at La Mega hyper mart.


man shopping cart

Cart escalator into La Mega.


beer display mexico

Amazing Mountain of Pacifico Beer

When they offer product promotions, they often create mountains of the stuff over 10 feet high like this one.


toys balls colorful

Toys and balls department at La Mega.


toy fish pool

Large inflatable swim pool shaped like a fish with mouth and teeth.

How about the real fish department?  Looks ready for it’s close-up!

octopus, fish, display

Fresh octopus sits on top of a mushroom display made of ice.

But where’s the CAKE?

cup cakes frosting

Cup cakes with squiggly frosting and cherries.


cake cherries bakery

Modernist cake with cherries.




Cheers for Summertime, the Summer Solstice and a Strawberry Moon and, to quote my friend Adam Lerner, Director and Chief Animator, Department of Fabrications at the very cool Museum of Contemporary Art Denver , “At the same time!”


Summertime, the Summer Solstice and a full, strawberry moon at the same time on the beach at La Cruz Huanacaxtle.

Summertime, the Summer Solstice and a full, strawberry moon at the same time on the beach at La Cruz Huanacaxtle.


Small Village on the Bay of Banderas #2

This location is one of the eight ecozones making up the Earth’s land surface.  Two of the most beautiful distractions in this neotropical environment are the luscious cool water and warm, soft sand.



pool, aqua, water

Swimming pool water reflects the sky and tile on bottom.



beach, sand, pattern

Beach sand pattern after ocean breezes and feet.

Balance created by the distant Sierra Madre horizon line.

sand, sea, mountains

Sand, sea and Sierra Madre.

It was natural to make an image emphasizing transparency in color, light and form.  The design of this pool is something to appreciate.  The palms and 3 water falls constitute an inviting landscape.  But does it function as a place to swim and enjoy the water?  Yes, fantastico!

I walked down wide, gradual and easy tile steps to shoulder high water and glided to the base of the palm which was the perfect height for sitting submerged under about 6 inches of water.  The perimeter of the pool covered by smooth, square tiles provided a useful places to walk or sit.  Refreshed and back to my workflow of image downloads.  More to follow…

pool, serene, aqua

Swim up palm tree in pool. La Cruz, Mexico

Small village on Bay of Banderas #1

“Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes…”  Jimmy Buffet.

Stories from an artist about embracing a new challenge, living the off-season in a tropical place and finishing a new photo-based book on the incredible Italian wine and food region, Piedmont.

beer, Puerto Vallarta, tropical

Negra Modelo sweating in the tropical breeze at top of lighthouse.

First stop is Puerto Vallarta and the bird’s eye view from the Marina Vallarta Lighthouse, El Faro.  The Sierra Madre (think the “Treasure…” from director, John Huston) frame the background to the port that is popular with yachts as well as grande cruise ships.  Like the way the sea blue sky is mirrored in the table top.


Adorable Chocolate Bunnies!

Do you eat off the ears first?  80 % of people do reportedly.  But these bunnies are too cute!

Easter, Chocolate, Bunnies

Adorable Chocolate Bunnies


Chocolate, Cake, springtime

Chocolate Spring Cake by Whole Foods.